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KELO House

Exclusive KELO houses are our speciality.

Of course all types of wood processed by us meet the highest quality demands:

* KELO (naturally circular trunks)

All FINIMEX houses are made-to-measure preparations that get their unmistakable character from the planning, material and design.

According to the different purposes, FINIMEX can deliver KELO houses and KELO holiday homes as well as KELO restaurant buildings, KELO rest houses and KELO multifunctional houses.

How we live and where we live constitute an important part of our life.
A KELO house should be a home and should radiate warmth, peace, protection and security.
A KELO house should be representative, welcoming for visitors and should provide an atmosphere in which guests feel at ease.

A timber house, or better still a KELO loghouse combines all of these qualities in an ideal way. That is why a KELO loghouse is a good choice for commercial as well as private usage.

A KELO loghouse can be as individual as you are. We can build the right KELO house for you because we plan it together with you and our partners in your area.

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