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What is kelowood?

The centuries-old silver pine, which dries out whilst still standing, is described as the kelo pine, and characteristically has a silver-grey shimmering patina.

Because of its slow growth under extreme weather conditions, the kelowood, has very fine annual rings. During a decade-long natural drying-out process, the tree looses its bark and gradually acquires the typical colouring.
The heartwood on the other hand is distinguished by a reddish tone. The kelowood, retains a fine-fibred, dry and hard structure. The thickness of the trunk varies between
170 and 600 mm.

Kelowood, is an exceptional and particularly valuable material. Due to its typical characteristics, settling and consequent formation of cracks
seldom occur, making it especially suitable for the construction of individual and qualitatively exclusive log cabins. The silver-grey surface of the kelowood produces a soft and comfortable atmosphere. A kelo loghouse or a logsauna made of kelo is well suited as an enrichment for existing residential and countryside regions.

Because of the weather resistance of the kelowood, no additional internal or external covering, or treatment with substances against rotting is needed.

Cut kelowood is used for the design of internal walls and ceilings as well as for the production of exclusive furniture.Kelosheibeg

Selected kelo branches are utilised for the production of unusual kelo accessories.

If you click on this photo -----> ,
you will see the exact structure of the annual rings of a 330-year-old KELO trunk with a diameter of 250 mm.

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