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How does a kelo building actually come about?

Imagine you have decided on a kelo sauna.
The kelo pine can only be felled in winter by hand with a chain saw and is then pulled across the hard covering of snow to the next road by a snowmobile. It is only in this way that the valuable surface remains intact. The kelo trunks are transported by special lorry from there to the kelo wood depot, where they are sorted according to their thickness.

When the exact plans and the commission arrive, the kelo trunks are selected individually for the required quality, length and load-carrying capacity. Your kelo sauna will be completely cut at the manufacturers, which means that the kelo trunks will be cut precisely and built up kelo trunk for kelo trunk to form a shell. Then come the door- and window frames.

The kelo trunks are numbered for the subsequent reconstruction at the site, necessary drillings are made and the kelo frame is deconstructed.

The kelo trunks are carefully packed for transport, and start their journey to you. Because of the exact preparations, the final construction occurs within the shortest time.

The result shows: the decision for the kelo sauna was well worth it.

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