Thermal Wood and KELO


Thermal Wood and KELO

What is understood by the term “thermal wood”?

For generations, it has been known that the weather resistance of wood could be markedly improved by charing.

Nowadays, computer-controlled heat treatment of wood in special drying chambers at temperatures of 180-250°C permanently alters the structure of the wood for the better.

Due to the treatment, the colour of the wood changes from light to dark brown. There are 3 levels of treatment, each selected according to the corresponding purpose for which the wood is to be used.

In principle, all types of wood are suitable for this process. Heat treatment of spruce, aspen, alder, birch and pine is particularly effective, so that work on the wood through cutting, planing or turning is easy to carry out.

FINIMEX will gladly advise you about the selection of wood to suit your purposes and the correct level of heat treatment.

Advantages of Thermal Wood:
  • large decrease in damp-related tension and changes in shape of the wood

  • considerable reduction in the formation of cracks, as the wood only works up to a tenth as much as untreated wood

  • minimal splintering and splitting with nails and screws

  • distinct increase in weather- and rot resistance

  • versatile usage possibilities – both indoors and outdoors

  • ecological alternative to pressure-impregnated wood and tropical wood

  • problem-free disposal by burning
Possibilities for outdoor use:
  • environmentally friendly building (garden furniture, fences, pergolas, windows and doors)
Possibilities for indoor use:
  • flooring

  • wall and ceiling coverings

  • sauna construction
Thermal wood is ideal for the indoor construction of sauna facilities.
Because of its damp- and dirt resistant qualities, it is recommended for use in saunas where an increased standard of hygiene is required, for example in honey- or salt applications or the employment of Finnish birch twigs (finnish: vihta; russian: wenik).

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